Japanese tansu are available in many shapes, sizes and uses. Click on any of the drop-down links to find specific types of chests and boxes and inquire if you do not see just what you are looking for. Made up of a combination of drawers and sliding doors, tansu were designed to accommodate a variety of different uses. For example, and ishodansu stored clothing, a chobadansu stored documents while a chadansu stored implements for tea ceremony and a kaidansu was used as stairsteps to an upper level and storage. While the size and positioning of the doors and drawers vary among these different tansu, they hold in common clean lines and asymmetry. With a focus on utility, many of these chests are stackable and most have metal side handles so they can be easily moved. We have a large inventory of all sizes and types of tansu chests, so please contact us with your preferences and we will help you find one that fits your needs.