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Choba Dansu - Document Chests

Chobadansu were used to store papers, account books and valuables. They were made with a high level of cabinetmaking skill, with tightly fitting drawers using hardened hinoki pegs rather than nails, hand forged iron handles and locks, using woods such as paulownia, cryptomeria and hinoki. They have different arrangements of drawers, sliding doors, and hinged locking safe doors with small drawers behind. They date to the late Edo to Meiji periods, c.1850-1890. They are beautiful as well as functional, and can be set on custom iron bases to raise the height, configured to use a bathroom vanity, the two piece tansu split and used side by side or in different areas, or used as designed for storage and display. These beautiful antiques are highly collectable and will last for generations.

Two piece chobadansu, or accounting chest from Nagoya.
35.5" wide, 59" tall, 14" deep


Unique Nagoya area twp piece "choba"
or document chest. Solid sugi (cryptomeria)
and hand forged iron "warabite" handles.
32.5" wide, 57.5" tall, 14.5" deep


Highly unusual configuration for a choba or document chest with a locking bar. Crafted of kiri wood and hand forged iron handles and lockplates in the shape of money bags.
33.5" wide, 39" high and 17.5" high
$2100 NOW $1050


Two part stacking Chobadansu
Kansai (Kyoto) style made of hinoki and cryptomeria woods with hand forged warabite style handles.
29" wide, 50" high, 14.5" deep
Meiji Period c. 1880