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Meet Shogun’s Gallery

Shogun’s Gallery has been in business in Portland, Oregon for thirty-two years. The gallery grew from a love of Japanese antiques and expanded from purely Japanese items to include Chinese antique furniture. Originally in the heart of Portland’s downtown, the gallery moved to NW 23rd Avenue in 1988. In March 2003 Shogun's Gallery moved to an expanded space in the heart of the NW 23rd shopping district.

Started from the seeds of a personal collection, Shogun’s Gallery has expanded in many directions to encompass a broad range of Japanese and Chinese antiques.  With his status as a licensed dealer, Jim King has access to dealer-only auctions in Japan as well as wholesale warehouses where he can buy antiques for a fraction of the prices found in Tokyo and Kyoto antique shops. This direct access means we don't use agents or brokers, keeping our costs down and giving us more control over the quality of the pieces we buy.To assure the integrity of each antique we buy, it has been our policy to buy the finest quality as-yet-not restored antiques in Japan, pack them individually into 40' containers and have them delivered to our warehouse in Portland Oregon where each piece is carefully restored with exacting detail. Our search for quality Asian art has expanded into China and each container we bring back contains over 500 chairs, tables, chests and statement pieces of artwork from the Ming and Qing Dynasty periods. Our Chinese pieces are restored in China to our specifications, and we do additional restorations and alterations at our warehouse.

Shogun’s Gallery

Jim King, founder of Shogun's Gallery Inc. has spent over twenty years bringing his passion for Japanese and Chinese art and furniture to Portland and the Northwest. Jim lived in Japan for over ten years starting in 1969. During this time he became an avid collector of Japanese antiques, and later through an arduous two year period in the late 1970's became a licensed dealer of antiques in Japan, a daunting task for a foreigner. Before Jim came along it was said that it was simply impossible for a foreign person to get one of these licenses, and even now there is only a small handful of non-Japanese antique dealers. Throughout the Pacific Northwest Jim is sought out for his expertise and hands on knowledge of Asian Art. He is a frequent guest lecturer to museum, college and special study groups where he enjoys spreading his passion for the oriental arts he loves and has come to know so well.

Kimiko King, is originally from Japan and was educated in Japan and the United States, receiving her MA in Applied Linguistic and TESOL. She taught Japanese at Portland State University and was President of King’s Language School in Japan for 10 years before getting involved in her husband’s ever evolving antique business. She has acted as translator, accountant, coordinator and custom’s broker in Japan, as well as being the backbone of Shogun’s Gallery as it grew and evolved in Portland. Currently taking on other challenges such as studying Chinese language and culture, she remains a vital part of the Shogun’s team.

Kyle Cook has been involved with Japan and the Kings for many years. As an Asian Arts major he studied abroad in China and Japan. He taught at the King's language school in Japan for several years, then returned to Portland to work in his family's interior design business. During this time he kept up his Asian connection by escorting professionals from around the world on trips to China and hosting Japanese professionals while they were on trips to the U.S. with the Citizen Ambassador Program. In 1998 he returned to Shogun’s Gallery as the store manager and goes on frequent buying trips to China and Japan. His flair for design and his eye for quality is considerable and he spends much of his time assisting our customers in finding just the right Japanese or Chinese piece to complement their contemporary homes.

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