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Hand carved from 100-year-old mountain cherry wood, the wood of these cookie molds is dried for 5 years to prevent cracking. Mixtures of sugar and soy flour are pressed into it and allowed to dry. The sweets, called kashi, were sold in confectionery stores and made for special occasions. The molds are crafted by only a few craftsman these days and are an interesting and beautiful piece of old Japan.  They are quite collectible and are one-of-a-kind works of art as well as for ceramics, resin or paper.
Taisho period circa 1920.

Please click on the image for an enlargement. Please inquire for specific subjects and information as we may have others not shown.

kashi8-1.jpg (196803 bytes)kashi8-2.jpg (340030 bytes)#Kashi8
10.5" by 3.25" double, two-piece
Bamboo shoots

IMG_6428.JPG (166871 bytes)IMG_6430.JPG (185896 bytes)IMG_6429.JPG (165736 bytes)#6428
6" by 5.5" two-piece
Double eggplant

IMG_7579.JPG (62701 bytes)IMG_7581.JPG (76600 bytes)IMG_7580.JPG (68289 bytes)#7582
2.75" by 5.25" two-piece
Iris blossom

IMG_8076.JPG (185880 bytes)IMG_8078.JPG (255886 bytes)IMG_8077.JPG (205311 bytes)#8076
4.25" by 7.75" two-piece
Bamboo with leaf

IMG_5255.JPG (288959 bytes)IMG_5254.JPG (275686 bytes)#5253
8.5" by 4" two-piece
Lotus root

IMG_5469.JPG (266912 bytes)IMG_5471.JPG (315451 bytes)IMG_5470.JPG (279328 bytes)#kashi14
6.5" by 4.25" two-piece
Lotus leaf


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