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Our collection of ceramics ranges from delicate hand painted imari bowls to large Chinese ceramic water containers that work great as decorative planters. We will confidently ship these items worldwide, double boxing to guard against breakage.  We have Japanese ceremonial sake jugs, large covered soup tureens, lidded rice bowls, and delicate sake cups  that all make interesting accent pieces.  Sake jugs can be converted into lamps or used as decorative pieces.  Our collection includes pieces of Japanese stoneware from various kilns.  Imari is a blanket term used to describe a wide variety of Japanese ceramics including those with blue and white glazed designs, and akaimari refers multi-colored imari ceramics.

Please click on the images to see larger versions, and email us if you would like to see detailed pictures on any of these fine plates and bowls, or have questions about the age / condition etc.  They almost all have some degree of surface wear as is to be expected of pieces this age.   They all date to around the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and are hand painted except where noted.

We also have teacups, sake cups & tokkuri, soba cups and other small ceramic items from the Satsuma and Kutani kilns.  Please inquire for our current selection.

To see tea ceremony vessels please click here.
To see ceramic hibachi planters please click here.  

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Imari plate - 13.25" by 11"

JA316NG.JPG (51011 bytes) JA316NGBACK.JPG (33042 bytes)#JA316NG 
Akaimari Charger - 16" diameter

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Imari Plate, Hand-painted landscape - 16" diameter

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Multi color charger - 18" diameter
IMG_7938.JPG (204591 bytes)IMG_7940.JPG (149027 bytes)IMG_7939.JPG (125316 bytes)IMG_7941.JPG (153430 bytes)IMG_7937.JPG (239467 bytes)IMG_7944.JPG (130714 bytes)IMG_7943.JPG (92362 bytes)IMG_7942.JPG (68621 bytes)IMG_7945.JPG (95879 bytes)#7937
Blue/white, scalloped edge - 16.5" in diameter
IMG_7954.JPG (125638 bytes)IMG_7957.JPG (108341 bytes)IMG_7956.JPG (91858 bytes)IMG_7953.JPG (168275 bytes)IMG_7960.JPG (95040 bytes)IMG_7958.JPG (74667 bytes)IMG_7959.JPG (69075 bytes)IMG_7955.JPG (126362 bytes)#7953
Akaimari charger with Chinese figures - 18.5"
IMG_7964.JPG (153017 bytes)IMG_7963.JPG (180883 bytes)IMG_7962.JPG (195642 bytes)IMG_7961.JPG (275336 bytes)IMG_7967.JPG (144770 bytes)IMG_7965.JPG (56976 bytes)IMG_7966.JPG (92822 bytes)#7961
Blue/white, scalloped edge - 18" in diameter

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