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Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arranging, an art that has been part of Japanese culture for several hundred years.  Hand woven from a variety of grasses and fibers, they are intricate and unique.  We have both signed and unsigned baskets, and they typically date to the Meiji period (c. 1880) through the Taisho Era (1920s).

In addition to ikebana baskets, we have Chinese market baskets, and a variety of wooden buckets from both Japan and China.  Below is a selection our baskets, please contact us for specific requests and additional pictures.  


6J065.jpg (265530 bytes) #6J065
17" tall
8J181-1-4.jpg (156810 bytes)8J181-1-1.jpg (101714 bytes)8J181-1-2.jpg (101643 bytes)8J181-1-3.jpg (123435 bytes)#8J181-1
"Nijugiri" two-tiered flower arranger, crafted from timber bamboo with copper liners.
6.5" in diameter and 26.5" tall
11L47-1-4.jpg (392962 bytes)11L47-1-2.jpg (604841 bytes)11L47-1-1.jpg (339441 bytes)11L47-1-3.jpg (544537 bytes)#11L47-1
Woven bamboo charcoal caddy with tin liner
16" high and 14" wide


0J344.JPG (63049 bytes)
14" tall charcoal caddy
IMG_8998.JPG (1107841 bytes)IMG_8999.JPG (1195566 bytes)IMG_9000.JPG (853817 bytes)IMG_9001.JPG (1666785 bytes)IMG_9002.JPG (1250592 bytes)#8998
Ikebana basket with root handle - 16" high and 8" in diameter
IMG_9003.JPG (985594 bytes)IMG_9004.JPG (1227477 bytes)IMG_9005.JPG (1345677 bytes)IMG_9007.JPG (1019071 bytes)IMG_9006.JPG (1221530 bytes)#9003
Ikebana basket with root handle - 9.5" high and 7" in diameter

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